About WAWA

Weird And Wonderful Animal Conservation (WAWA Conservation) is a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to combating the funding bias in conservation and saving the world’s most unique and endangered species from extinction.

As wildlife conservationists, our founders are far too familiar with the concept of conservation projects struggling to obtain vital funding for the less iconic yet endangered species. WAWA is focusing its fundraising efforts on protecting species that are highly endangered, yet incredibly important to biodiversity, due to their unique behaviour, genetics, biology, or even their roles in the ecosystem.

We want to keep the wild weird and help save the strange species that make this world such an incredible and beautiful place to be.

Jack Haines – Co-founder and chairman of WAWA Conservation


WAWA Conservation exists to preserve biodiversity across the globe for future generations to enjoy by supporting the effective, science-based conservation of unique and important wildlife species.

Galaxy Frog _Melanobatrachus indicus_ Endangered_Photo Credit: David V RAJU


The team at WAWA Conservation want to help create a world where the strange and unique species are valued and protected alongside the bright and bold ones.

Chinese Crocodile Lizard_Shinisaurus crocodilurus_Endangered_Photo Credit: Peter Taylor

Our Aim

WAWA Conservation was created to both contrast and compliment the organisations that work with the more iconic animals. We believe this approach will better protect biodiversity for the benefit of everyone.

Rather than fundraising for the public’s usual favourite wildlife, we focus our efforts on protecting species that are highly endangered yet incredibly important. The value could be in their unique behaviour, genetics, biology, or their roles in the ecosystem.

The founding members of WAWA Conservation