Meet the team

Weird And Wonderful Animal Conservation was founded by five friends who wanted to have a positive impact on endangered wildlife across the globe.

Jack Haines MSc. – Chairman of the board & co-founder

A wildlife biologist who has worked with many different species across the globe. As a researcher, he was part of the team that investigated the mysterious die-off of saiga antelope in 2015. More recently, Jack has managed several endangered parrot reintroduction programs in Central America.

Megan Hill BA – Secretary & co-founder

Megan has a background in design, but has always had a passion for the natural world which she channelled through her photography. Her enthusiasm for wildlife led her to change her career and move to Costa Rica, where she found her true calling as a communication and fundraising consultant. After returning to the UK, she now develops international fundraising campaigns for NGO’s in need of funding.

Tom Cain MSc. – Treasurer & co-founder

Katie Parker MSc. RSci. – Co-founder

An entomologist and plant pathologist working on the early detection of non-native tree pests and diseases in the UK. Katie has a background in Arboriculture and has most recently been focused on research into the emerald ash borer beetle in Canada and the incursion of the bacterial disease Xylella fastidiosa in parts of continental Europe.

Sophie Cain BA –  Co-founder

Sophie works in project management and business development in the not-for-profit sector. With a background in events and communications, her work focuses on the creative industries but wildlife and the environment are personal passions.

Kashmir Flint BSc. – Trustee

Kashmir is an environmental educator with a passion for conservation. Having formerly worked as a research assistant in the littoral forests in Madagascar, she now works within a National Park engagement team, connecting hundreds of young people to nature.