2021 Fundraising campaign

That time of year has once again come around, and this year WAWA’s annual fundraiser is kicking off with style. We are focusing on the Sunda pangolin and long-beaked echidnas, possibly the weirdest mammals around.

If you too want to live in a world where four penis-ed, nipple-less, spiny mammals sweat milk and lay eggs; and armour-plated, noxious-chemical spraying insectivores curl into impenetrable balls to defend against predators, then join WAWA in supporting the front-line conservationists that work to save these critters from extinction (MCR & LCTW).

With your help, we can combat the illegal wildlife trade by supporting rescue, rehabilitation and research of these wonderful creatures.

Without you, these animals face a bleak future: rampant poaching and the unrestricted trade of these wonderful weirdos means that they are on the brink of extinction. Once we lose these species, there is nothing like them on the planet to replace them and their millions of years of evolution will be gone forever.

Along with the organisations that we support, WAWA Conservation and our incredible supporters, help create a future for these animals and protect valuable biodiversity.

Will you join WAWA and help give weird and wonderful animals a future?

Click below to find out more about these beautiful creatures and why it is so important that we work together to protect them.

Every penny you donate will go towards supporting vital conservation programs around the world that work directly with these weird and wonderful animals.