The Philippine Eagle and the Philippine Eagle Foundation

The Philippine eagle is one of the largest and rarest eagles in the world. This avian wonder is critically endangered and at risk of being lost from our world forever. Habitat loss and human conflict has meant that the remaining 400 pairs can only be found on four islands in the Philippines. If we lost this animal, we would lose something so unique to our planet that nothing compares to it, physically, genetically or aesthetically. However, you can help prevent this from happening…

There are only an estimated 400 pairs left in the wild. 

It’s easy to see why the Philippine Eagle is one of the most impressive birds in the world, from its 7ft wingspan to its feathered crown-like mane, this eagle is truly breathtaking. Once known as the Monkey-eating Eagle, it is the only bird of prey with blue eyes. Yes, they are beautiful, but being at the top of the food chain they have a crucial role to play in keeping the ecosystem in check. 

Despite its imposing size and deadly nature, the Philippine Eagle needs help. Illegal logging and unsustainable use of the forest has decimated their habitat. WAWA Conservation is supporting the Philippine Eagle Foundation’s, field monitoring program that tags, tracks and monitors the species in the wild. This behavioural data will be used to implement effective conservation action to ensure the survival of this amazing creature. 

With your support;

£20could cover the testing of a Philippine Eagle for Avain Disease
£25could cover vet fees for an Eagle rescue for one day
£75could cover the fuel of one vehicle for an Eagle release
£100could cover the fees of two guides for 10 days of Eagle monitoring

Together we can ensure that the overlooked, weird and wonderful animals in the world are protected. 

Will you help WAWA ensure that this incredible species has a future?